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released September 6, 2012

All songs produced by Que-C.
All songs written by Mister EXCEPT
- "I Don't Believe It", w/ Lisa Stocking.
- "All You Need", w/ Que-C.
-"Outta Time" w/ Funky Dialect.
Scratches supplied by DJ Rasp.
Guitar supplied by Mart Palmer.
Additional vocals by Lisa Stocking.

Recorded by Justin Weiss.
Mastered by Amethyst Audio.
Album artwork by HelloFreaks.


all rights reserved



MISTER Detroit, Michigan

Some of my songs.

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Track Name: How We Get Down
Introductions are a funny thing
Lenny Bruce
Head full o' hemp, style mightier than Boosh
Try'na figure out
What I want to do to set 'em off
While knowing inherently I've undoubtedly improved from the last one
I could explain how I'm the best
And you can go and kiss both sets of my hairy cheeks
But that isn't me -
I'm more inclined to self-deprecate over dope beats, every day out of the week, bubba.
Dangerfield with a periodical twitch
Hockin' fastballs - triple digits whenever they're pitched
And if it isn't a heater, I'ma knuckle it
Past every one of these bubblegum suckers for the fuck of it
Right over the plate so there isn't debate
The flakes simply get irate when they're put in their place
In most cases, I'm humble pie like Frampton, though
With a boogie that was born all natural, we're here to...

Let you in on what we're doing so HEY! HEY! HEY!
Yeah, listen as it hatches
Que-C on the track, Rasp with the scratches
I am supplying rhymes by the pound
Yeah, and we're here to show just how we get down, c'mon

Que-C partnered with this gentlemanly alias
And, ever since, the funk has permeated this
Mind that was known to nerd out about Wrestlemania's
Now it's in the rhyme where I usher in the alien
Paving a way a little more every day
What I thought was black and white is an infinite array
Of shades I have never seen
Such an impressive display
Of colors and schemes, I'm looking at a permanent stay
Wherever it leads,
Buddy, well, I tend to proceed
Rather relieved to know just how to escape the parade
If need be
Though fleeing ain't foreseeable to me
I mean, regardless of location, I'll be making the grade
It's all gravy
Well aware the road gets bumpy
So I keep the smoke skunky and oatmeal lumpy
No time to get grumpy, all down in the dumps
This international tandem'll liven it up, we're here to...
Track Name: Alright!
Let's get it crackin' like folks under pressure
I want y'all to listen, but I never poke or pester
I ain't playin' polka with a puppet made of pesto, though
The magic that I'm makin' don't follow a "Presto!"
Like that, yup, dig it:
When I rap quick, I'm gettin' 80-dollar tickets
But don't you get it twisted - I bring no harm,
Just some Motown swagger with my Midwest charm

It's nice to hear that people (are) diggin' what I'm doin'
Which is actively pursuin' a groove that gets you movin'
Or at least me...whichever it may be,
My 6'2 stature is temporarily 8'3
(And then it goes back down...)
It'll fluctuate accordingly-
From time to time I'm ornery, but hey, for me, that's normalcy
See, I've got ongoing restlessness
Because I've always been a bit of a perfectionist, now come on...

Move to the left or right
And do no thing but your own tonight
That buzz that you're feelin's gonna let you take flight
With me and a ditty I can tell that you like, 'cause
Everybody's like, "Alright!"
Everybody, everybody's like, "Alright!"

Tide turner in the blink of eye
Or a wink, it all depends if you're a chick or a guy
I gots me the boogies -
Not the "cut-a-rug"'s, what I'm sayin' is,
I ain't using any of my fingers for noogies.
Nah, they're for the crusties and slimies
Fuck the apathetic - I'm here to keep it lively
Grimey, though I keep bathin', it's so ridicul'
An ambassador for change, and I ain't talkin' 'bout a pocketful of nickels!

I'm slobberknockin' 'em (yup)
Captain Kirk and Spockin' 'em
All over the place - yessir, I'm chicken pockin' 'em
While callin' booties "tushes", drunk, peeing into bushes
Just a salty dog in a room of sourpusses,
Negative Nancy's and Pessimistic Pete's
Mister Optimistic, primed with the Que-C beats
Pleased to meet ya!
I'm not outside the box when I flip it,
'Cause I can't be out the box if I've never been in it...

By that I
Mean I
Think you sense the mood's groovy
And "Wow!"
Not foul like dookie, now
No need for the sour brow, Droopy!
Leave it at the door with your handful of roofies
C'mon, let's get down - the calm and the kooky
Skinny or a poorly blended smoothie, it's gravy
You sing it if you know it or you slur it whole-heartedly
Just stack up all the chairs like Carlin At Carnegie

And move them feet - don't stick with the stand still
Enjoy the good tunes and leave the rest in a landfill
It's dope with a capital
Not to toot my own bugle,
But boy, I'm feelin' rather jubilant since the beat dropped
Ill as all get out
Put your mind in detox and shimmy all the shit out
Hip hop hooray, hey, you can call me mister
I'd say a little more, but I think you get the picture
Track Name: When I Found Out Yesterday
It was something like mid-afternoon
Merk scooped me up in his ride,
And so began this 3-hour drive
Now, Merk is a DJ, and I do this,
So midway through his set, I was to get up on the mic
And freak it like I usually do – no problem
At this frat house, no doubt that we could rock ‘em
Arrived around 6, Merk’s setup was quick
And there were still a couple hours
before he’d have to get behind the table and mix
Last thing we had to do
Was a simple mic check, make sure everything is cool
Hey, normally it is, and you’ll know in an instant
But instantly we noticed something was different
All knobs were turned, all switches were flipped,
and we’re both at a loss for words
But the fact of the matter is,
nothing is coming out of the speakers
We need us a backup, and so starts the search.

When I found out yesterday
Just how quick a plan can be thrown off course
I knew that before, but this reinforced
And this situation was far from done,
It was far from done

Now you gotta understand, that this city, it ain’t got jack
It’s sorta wack our first stop was a RadioShack
Dude said downtown there was a music store
And yeah, there is, ‘cept the door said they closed at 4.
I’m sure they did.
Optimism is getting bleak –
We’re off to two more stops in Merk’s Jeep
Which happen to be Meijer and Wal-Mart, jeez
It’s like getting a bag of trees with nothing but seeds
Neither of those stores carried what we needed
Defeated, RadioShack is where we retreated, believe it
The one mic they had in stock
Was about a quarter the size of the one that I got
And I couldn’t imagine the quality would be
Anything to remotely appease Merk or me
But time was of the essence, so the mic was bought
The show must go on y’all, it must go on…

When I found out yesterday
Just how quick a plan can be thrown off course
I knew that before, but this reinforced
And this situation was coming to a head
It was coming to a head

Fast-forward to the middle of the set:
Merk’s killing it without breaking a sweat,
and the place is packed
I bring the mic in front of the table,
Plug it in,
Turn it on,
And the house is filled with…feedback.
I turn it off quick, get the level settled some,
so the first couple of songs are cool
I’m standing kind of awkward here,
‘Cause the cable on the mic is just long enough
for me to not be able to move
Struggle through the third song,
struggle through the fourth
And it was then when I had to call it quits
There wasn’t a benefit to continuing to spit, man,
I knew just as well as they did it sounded like shit
Even with that said, a couple people came up
and genuinely wished that I would’ve rapped more
The performance was poor but a few saw through it,
And in this line of work, that’s all you can ask for

When I found out yesterday
Just how quick a plan can be thrown off course
I knew that before, but this reinforced
And this situation just shows how it goes
It’s just how it goes...
Track Name: I Don't Believe It
Didn't think I, needed to worry about it
About nothin', about, about nothin'
'Cause, uh, I was a love-struck gullible Gus
Taking my time - imbibing it so slow
Imean it was all mine - now why would I guzzle up?
Hadn't hadn't seen the need for this cup full-tilt
Possibly naivete on my part, because it wasn’t long
Until what I thought was a sturdy cup spilled
It'd been irking my ilk that I
Failed to listen
Anytime they wanted to discuss what I was missing
With the situation at hand
But man, I honestly felt it was cab sav, yeah,
Not another Pabst can
Should've been admitted - possibly for a cat scan
I simply didn't get it
Until I was left winded and tail-spinning
I was wrong wrong
And now she's long gone...

You say you want to do me right, but I don’t believe it
You say you’re standing by my side, but I don’t believe it
I was thinking that you might, but I don’t believe it
I got a feeling that I’m right, no, I don’t believe it
I don’t believe it, I don’t...

Didn't think she, needed to worry about it
About nothin', about about nothin'
'Cause she was thunderstruck and under this assumption
I was stricken with a sundered heart and simply couldn't function
But I took umbrage with this mild-mannered vulture
Once it became clear I had steered without looking
I mean, I saw the plump lips and such
Just there was something in her smile that was
Ultimately too crooked now,
Off the jump, I'm not the quickest
and this is a prime instance when I wish that I were
But fuck it, my vision blurred
I'm stuck when I can't assert
For certain just she wants
Moreover, what I deserve
The clarity would resurface
Enough for me to observe
The absurdities occurring, which encouraged me
to kick her to the curb
She was wrong wrong
And I was long gone...
Track Name: All You Need (feat. Que-C)
Step up, step up, and keep the speaker bumpin’
Que-C and Mister here to teach you somethin’
Another eardrum’s thumpin’
But we’re only doing that
To keep you on the dancefloor jumpin’
We want a good time,
That’s why we rock a rhythm with a rhyme

But we’ll climb
Like stars we shine
Like a fine wine, we will be sublime with time
But until that day, we’re wantin’ love and affection
We’re good at what we do, we don’t want to hear rejection
So, yo,
If you’re gonna be negative
Keep it to yourself while I’m trying to live
Because Detroit to Wigan, we be on display
That’s right, USA to the UK
So I’ma
And say, to you? Hey!

That Willie Hutch is clutch, dude, I gotta say
Without a doubt, the beat, it bang proper
A hobnobber with the odd-jobs – see, the rocker
Is there to get up off it and recognize all imposters
We’re not here to get brought into the bog
Manifested from the pessimism that is in us all
Our incentive is simple –
Grab the mic and get you to cut the rug a little
Doublin’ the minimal that you would get from
Anybody that ain’t givin’ it their all
I’m jogging – man, I’ve evolved past the crawl
And soon I sprint past piss-ants
with lips dipped in riff-raff
This, that or the other…
I don’t know about that business, brother or sis’
With negativity dismissed to hospice, we sizzle
Like thick-cut applewood up on the griddle, believe it.
Style serene and scenic
Free of unneeded speak that leaves people bulimic

It’s dynamite; it’s the out of sight raw
Mentored by the sun, we done found the light, y’all
And we’d like nothin’ more than to deliver it to you
UK to Stateside, this is tried and true, buckaroo
I’d highly advise
Getting up to get down,
Whether or not the shit is televised
Specialized in vibe, never derived from lie
Willie, hey, tell ‘em again…
Track Name: Need That Food
Getting ready for work, 'bout 10 miles down the street
Now I'm there full time, but all my money goes to bills,
and it don't leave much for eats
It's enough for about a week or so, yo
The problem is, though, I get paid every two
If you can't deduce, that means I've got 7 or 8 days where,
essentially, I have no food

Man, I'll look in the cupboard 5-10 times an hour
Thinkin' somethin' will magically appear
Alas it never does, and no, it never will buddy boy
I got nothin' but condiments here
Except for some Quaker Weight Control - lame
Lame, 'cause it tastes like rolled oats and aspertain
But right before I pocketed the pouch in defeat,
I spotted some mac 'n' cheese and I was relieved...

Need that money 'cause I need that food
I need that money 'cause I need that food

Take the packet and put it by the sink
Off to a bit of a slow start, I gotta think
About the few things I need to do
Prior to hittin' the road, so I can say that my day started off smooth
And those tend to consist of brushing my teeth and taking a s***
I would make myself a pot of coffee, but f*** it-
I try to avoid drinking it on an empty stomach

Okay, it seems to me
That I got everything situated, surprisingly in a breeze
Now it's time for me to leave - I grab my phone and my keys
And by the time I get in my car, it's 8:43
I'm runnin' behind
Speedin' a little to get there on time
Traffic's cutting it pretty close, and then - right when I arrive -
I realize that drink
Of coffee might've helped me remember my mac 'n' cheese sittin' by the sink...

Need it
I need it
I need it!

Anyway, I get to work on time -
A hair early actually, it's a minute to 9
But as of right now? The only thing on my mind
Is I ain't got a lick of grub, healthy or otherwise
It's lookin' like I gotta wait 'til a quarter past 5 before I can be mildly satisfied
With a macaroni packet a third of the serving size that I feel's a proper portion,
Now I ain't gonna lie though,
Any amount of food'll be good, mon frere
I got a credit card, yeah, but it runs on prayer
That ain't gonna help here
I doubt I'll get assistance from upstairs

So I'ma sit back, listen to my tummy rumble
As I daydream about lunch and money bundles
It's a hunger struggle, but I'll be alright
I'ma be alright, I'ma be alright...