Need That Food

from by MISTER

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Scratches supplied by DJ Rasp


Getting ready for work, 'bout 10 miles down the street
Now I'm there full time, but all my money goes to bills,
and it don't leave much for eats
It's enough for about a week or so, yo
The problem is, though, I get paid every two
If you can't deduce, that means I've got 7 or 8 days where,
essentially, I have no food

Man, I'll look in the cupboard 5-10 times an hour
Thinkin' somethin' will magically appear
Alas it never does, and no, it never will buddy boy
I got nothin' but condiments here
Except for some Quaker Weight Control - lame
Lame, 'cause it tastes like rolled oats and aspertain
But right before I pocketed the pouch in defeat,
I spotted some mac 'n' cheese and I was relieved...

Need that money 'cause I need that food
I need that money 'cause I need that food

Take the packet and put it by the sink
Off to a bit of a slow start, I gotta think
About the few things I need to do
Prior to hittin' the road, so I can say that my day started off smooth
And those tend to consist of brushing my teeth and taking a s***
I would make myself a pot of coffee, but f*** it-
I try to avoid drinking it on an empty stomach

Okay, it seems to me
That I got everything situated, surprisingly in a breeze
Now it's time for me to leave - I grab my phone and my keys
And by the time I get in my car, it's 8:43
I'm runnin' behind
Speedin' a little to get there on time
Traffic's cutting it pretty close, and then - right when I arrive -
I realize that drink
Of coffee might've helped me remember my mac 'n' cheese sittin' by the sink...

Need it
I need it
I need it!

Anyway, I get to work on time -
A hair early actually, it's a minute to 9
But as of right now? The only thing on my mind
Is I ain't got a lick of grub, healthy or otherwise
It's lookin' like I gotta wait 'til a quarter past 5 before I can be mildly satisfied
With a macaroni packet a third of the serving size that I feel's a proper portion,
Now I ain't gonna lie though,
Any amount of food'll be good, mon frere
I got a credit card, yeah, but it runs on prayer
That ain't gonna help here
I doubt I'll get assistance from upstairs

So I'ma sit back, listen to my tummy rumble
As I daydream about lunch and money bundles
It's a hunger struggle, but I'll be alright
I'ma be alright, I'ma be alright...


from Cooking With Que​-​C, released September 6, 2012


all rights reserved



MISTER Detroit, Michigan

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